Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make some money

In this economy you can't rely solely on identity theft to get by. It seems you have to do more and more to make sure all your bills are payed, not to mention all the these other peoples bills. Today's tip on how to supplement your regular wage is rummage sales.

A rummage sale is where you take things that you were going to have to pay to get rid of, and instead, sell them to stupid people. Many times you can even get them to pay outrageous prices on home baked cookies if you say it is for cancer research. If your going to host one of these "rummage sale" scams here are some things you will need to think about.

First, your going to want to create a sign. Make sure you grossly over exaggerate the size of your rummage sale on the sign, other wise you won't get enough stupid people. A good way to avoid spending $2.00 on a sign stand is to tape your sign to the inside window of your car. However if you do decide to use this method, make sure your car is parked obscenely far away from the curb so you know everyone will see it.

Second, when you do get someone to come up to your rummage sale don't say anything to them unless you want to hear all about how their kids, friends, etc. would love the garbage you are attempting to sell them. Make sure not to have any conversation otherwise you might miss staring a few people down when they try to leave without buying anything. If someone does leave without buying something make sure to tell them thank you with the worst fake smile you can contort your face into.

The third and last thing you must do to have a successful rummage sale is to have a bunch of amazing things out on your driveway that people will think are for sale. Then when they ask you how much they cost make them feel really stupid for thinking it was for sale. You could say something like, "No my Harley is not for sale!" or "You think I would sell my Waterford fine china set at a rummage sale!"

Well there you go. I hope you have as much profitability as I have had with your rummage sale scams. One last thing, it would be wise to cover your tracks by having your rummage sale at a friend or relatives house instead of your own. Just tell them that you will owe them, but don't be specific on what you owe them. That way if they call in their favor you can just give them the leftovers from your rummage sale. Good way to kill two birds with one stone.

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